What are the laws pertaining to surrogacy in Ukraine?

Ukraine may just have the best surrogacy laws on the planet as long as you fall into the required categories.  You must be a hetersoexual married couple (no time limit) with a medical indication for surrogacy.  This is governed by The Law of Ukraine No. 2801-XII of 11/19/1992 “Fundamentals of Health Legislation of Ukraine”, the “Instruction on Procedures for Assisted Reproductive Technologies” adopted by the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 787 of 09/09/2013, as well as other orders in the country.

Will the surrogate mother’s name appear  on the birth certificate?

No, the surrogate’s name will never appear on the birth certificate, only those names of the contracting couple.

We are a hetero married couple and want to use an egg or sperm donor.  Is it allowed, and will we both appear on the birth certificate?

Egg or sperm donation is allowed in Ukraine, but there must be 50% genetic link to the baby through surrogacy.  Even with a donor, the contracting parents are the only ones who will appear on the birth certificate.

Can we do embryo adoption, or can we use an egg and sperm donor?

This is possible if implanting to your own uterus, it is lawful in Ukraine, but for a surrogacy arrangement it is not.  There must be at least a 50% genetic link to the baby.

Can I undertake surrogacy as a single parent, same sex couple, or non-married couple?

Unfortunately, not in Ukraine at this time.  There are other options for you though.

How do I get citizenship for my baby?

Every country is different, and it is a question you need to ask before beginning the process.  You should contact local legal immigration counsel in your home country or your embassy to understand the steps necessary to get citizenship for your baby.

Will our baby be granted Ukrainian citizenship at birth?

No, this does not happen in Ukraine.  You must be able to get home citizenship.

How long will the citizenship process take  in Ukraine?

Every country is different, and it is good you understand this in advance.  The process can take from 2 weeks to several months depending on your country.

What if I want twins?

No one an guarantee twins, or even a successful pregnancy and birth for the matter.  IVF is a very variable process with many factors.  It is international standard to implant 2 embryos at day 5 of development (blastocyst), and the chances of having twins with artificial reproduction is higher.

Can I do Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) and gender selection in Ukraine?

Yes, both are possible.  Results can take 2 weeks though.  In this scenario, the international protocol is to biopsy embryos at day 5 of development, freeze them, and then they will be implated roughly 2 weeks later.

Can we meet our surrogate?

Yes, this is possible, but communication is done through our team during the process.

Can we get newborn insurance for our baby(ies)?

Yes, newborn insurance is possible.