We Offer Affordable Surrogacy Services – From $37,000

Fertility Solutions International has been a pioneer of affordable third party reproduction and surrogacy in several countries for foreigners.

shutterstock_159448448Surrogacy is where another woman’s uterus is used to carry a child for the intended parents.  The use of a surrogate to carry a baby to term is an option for couple’s where the woman is unable to support a pregnancy with her own body.  This is also a common option for same-sex couples and/or single people who wish to become parents.

Gestational surrogacy is when the surrogate has no genetic link to the fetus.  The intended couple’s own eggs and sperm can be used, or donor eggs and/or sperm can be used.  The embryos are transferred into a surrogate for the gestational period.  Upon delivery of the baby, the parents are provided with the infant and the legal documentation is finalized.  it is always important to understand your rights at home though when undertaking an overseas surrogacy journey.

Is Surrogacy Right For Me?

Surrogacy is a very expensive and complex process, and you should carefully consider many factors:

  • Medical – is it really the right medical choice for you? For many women, donor egg or embryo adoption may be a better choice depending on the situation;
  • Emotional – are you comfortable with this option?
  • Financial – surrogacy can be expensive – and the success rate is not 100%, so you need to be financially prepared even with our affordable surrogacy options;
  • Legal – Different countries have different laws around surrogacy, and it is very important to ensure once the child is born, you will be able to bring your baby back to your home country.

Legal Surrogacy Jurisdictions

The first step is to ensure you are undertaking a surrogacy journey in a jurisdiction that allows surrogacy.  Some top global options are:

Surrogacy In The United States

Commercial (paid) surrogacy is allowed in some states in the U.S.  It is important to undertake surrogacy in a state that makes surrogacy legal.  California is often considered a top option for surrogacy. The U.S. is typically considered to be the top surrogacy destination in the world with the very best success rates and a strong legal foundation offering pre-birth orders in states like California to recognize you as the parent(s) of a baby born through a surrogacy arrangement.

All family types are allowed including straight, married, unmarried, single, and same-sex couples.  An added benefit to many is that the baby will get U.S. citizenship upon birth which can ease the journey home to many countries.

Newborn insurance is available in the U.S, which is a benefit to surrogacy in the U.S.

Surrogacy In Ukraine From $37,000

Commercial surrogacy is allowed and has been for many years in Ukraine.  Parental rights are protected and the surrogate has no rights to the baby born of surrogacy.

Currently, only married heterosexual couples may undertake surrogacy in Ukraine, but for those couples, Ukraine provides a high quality, affordable, and legal option.